Humans (Crown Language: Hum, Kandonian: Humanen) are a humanoid race that originated on the continent of Hümlande. In the Crown Empire, approximately 34 percent are Markanian Humans, 14 percent are Humlandian Humans, 7 percent are Kandonian Humans, 8 percent are part Markanian and Humlandian Humans, 3 percent are part Markanian and part Kandonian, 1.5 percent are part Humlandian and part Kandonian, and the other 32.5 percent are others or uncategorized. Most of them live in the Historically Human kingdoms. Dwarves are a type of Humans that grew shorter than other humans due to lower food and water consumption when they lived on an island in the southwestern part of Markane, and other than their height they are usually classified as Markanian. Large Human populations reside in the Elven Kingdoms, and small populations reside in the Orcish Republic, the Ogre Kingdom, and the Dragosh Republic.

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